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The Difference Between Chastity Cages and Chastity Belts


picture of a commonly used chastity cage on left and chastity belt on right


When it comes to chastity devices, there are two main ones that you can pick from: Chastity cages and chastity belts. While both of these choices are designed with the same goal in mind, there are some notable differences between the two.

The origins of chastity devices

Chastity belts have existed for centuries, originally designed to be worn by women to prevent them from engaging in sexual intercourse. They were designed with function in mind, and weren’t used as a form of sexual play at the time. On the other hand, chastity cages are a modern invention and were designed as a sex toy.

Differences in design

Chastity cages feature a base ring which fits around the penis and testicles. The cage component is then attached, which fits over the penis to prevent the wearer from masturbating or having sex. The cage is then locked to prevent the wearer from taking it off without the key.

Like their name implies, chastity belts feature a belt that is worn around the waist. Depending on the design, a chastity belt can have a cage attached or will use a flat plate to prevent access to the wearer’s penis.

Chastity cages and belts come in a variety of materials, including resin, metal and silicone. Chastity belts are commonly made with metal and silicone, the metal makes the belt sturdy while the silicone adds comfort.

Intended purpose

Chastity cages are more lightweight and discreet by virtue of their design. This makes them a great choice for daily wear, as you can wear them in public without others noticing. They are also a lot easier and faster to put on than chastity belts.

Chastity belts are a great choice when you want to really make a statement. They are a lot more visually striking than a chastity cage due to their size.

Some people prefer the look of a small chastity cage while others will love to see their partner locked up in a bulkier chastity belt, so pick the one that appeals to you the most.


Chastity belts are usually a lot more secure than chastity cages. This is because they cover the entire pelvic region. Some designs will lock at the back of the belt, making it even harder for the wearer to unlock themselves even if they have the key. They are also usually made using steel, making them less prone to being broken.

As all types of chastity cages are popular, their security varies. Resin and silicone chastity cages can easily be compromised by force, with resin cages also having the possibility of breaking open if they are mishandled. This makes metal cages the choice to go for if you are concerned about the security of a chastity cage.

Chastity cages can sometimes be slipped off without needing the key, which can happen if the base ring being used is too big. Make sure you use a properly sized base ring to prevent escapes like this from occurring.


While chastity cages and chastity belts were designed with the same goal of providing control over the sexual activity of the wearer, they both have their differences. Chastity belts are more traditional and have been repurposed from what they were originally designed for while chastity cages were created specifically for sexual purposes.

Chastity cages are lighter and more convenient to use than chastity belts, which makes them a discreet option to wear in public. Chastity belts are considerably bulkier, making them a better choice for visual stimulation. Whether you choose a chastity cage or a chastity belt is up to the preferences and needs of you and anyone involved.