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Best Chastity Cages

picture of three of the best chastity cages on the market - a stainless steel flat cage, pink silicone chastity cage and black metal cage

With so many different types of chastity cages available, it can be hard making a decision on which one you want to lock yourself up in. If you are in need of a second opinion, you have come to the right place! Keep on reading to find out what we think are our best chastity cages in a range of different categories.

best black resin chastity cage

Best resin chastity cage

The Gridlock chastity cage is one of our most popular cages, not even taking material or size into consideration. It comes with 4 different base rings, each shaped differently to accommodate for different sizes and shapes. The gridlock range features an interesting, 3D printed design that provides ventilation and bathroom access to the wearer.

Gridlock chastity cages are available in standard, small and nub sizes and are priced at $59.

Best metal chastity cage

Best metal chastity cage

The Steel Chastity Cage is a reimagined version of the classic resin chastity cages available. This chastity cage is perfect for someone who wants a sturdier, heavier version to lock themselves up with.

The Steel chastity cage can be purchased with a 40mm or 45mm base ring and is priced at $59.

Best silicone chastity cage

Best silicone chastity cage

Our silicone chastity cage comes in a variety of colours, with pastel pink being the top pick. The soft touch of silicone along with the pretty pink make a great combination for men exploring their feminine side. They come with a variety of base rings, allowing you to find the one that fits you the best.

Our range of silicone chastity cages are available in small and standard sizes, priced at $54.

Best big chastity cage

Best big chastity cage

The Birdcage Chastity Cage features the largest cage component out of our entire range. While this might seem excessive, it makes the cage perfect for men that are quite large while flaccid. The design of this cage inspired the name, which allows you to look past the thin bars to admire your locked up cock.

Birdcage chastity cages are available with a 40mm or 45mm base ring and are priced at $59.

Best micro chastity cage

Best micro chastity cage

The Nub is a classic chastity cage, known for its extra small size. It comes with a set of contoured base rings that are designed to fit your body better than a perfectly round ring would. With a hole at the tip for bathroom access, you won’t have an excuse to take it off once it’s on!

The nub is available in black, pink or clear, priced at $49.

flat ring chastity cage

Best chastity cages for discretion

The Flat Ring, Button and Flat Button Chastity cages are all amazing choices for men concerned about their cage bulge showing in public.

The Flat Ring, Button and Flat Button chastity cages are available with 40mm and 45mm base rings, priced at $54.

best chastity cage for convenience

Best chastity cages for convenience

Our Top Lock range and Innovative chastity cages are both solid contenders for the most convenient cage. The innovative chastity cage features a hinged base ring, which makes putting it on a whole lot easier than your average chastity cage. They also come with a selection of base rings to choose from.

While the Top Lock range doesn’t use hinged base rings, they allow you to lock the cage with the press of a button that can be found at the top of the cage. Gone are the days where you fumble with keys if you decide to get yourself a Top Lock cage.

Innovative Resin Chastity Cages are available in black or clear and are priced at $54

Top Lock chastity cages are available in standard or nub sizes, with the choice of a 40mm or 45mm base ring and are priced at $89.

Best chastity cage for comfort

This is the one category where there is no real winner, as everyone has a different definition of comfort. Some people like round base rings, other people like ergonomic ones. Some people like thin base rings, some people hate them.

The best advice we can give you when looking for a comfortable chastity cage is to find one that fits you properly first, as this is usually the defining factor of your comfortability in chastity. You can start to try out different options if you think you can find something that is easier for you to wear. Check out our sizing guide here if you need assistance with measuring yourself for a chastity cage or tips on how to pick a cage that is the right size for you.